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Welcome to the Anwar Lab focusing on in vivo cancer imaging using microfabricated smart devices.  

My focus is to provide state of the art care for our patients while pushing the forefront of patient care with new imaging technologies capable of imaging the tumor from within the body itself.

We are currently hiring!

Apply for post-doctoral positions in circuit design for cancer imaging and chemistry for biosensors.  Click here! Interested potential graduate students in Electrical Engineering are encouraged to apply through UC Berkeley's EECS Program; Bioengineering students should apply through the UCSF/UCB Bioengineering program.

Patient Care

Please proceed to find out more information on our GI program, patient care materials, cancer information and clinical trials.  We specialize in focal radiosurgery (SBRT) for pancreatic and liver tumors.


The Anwar Lab focuses on implantable sensors for cancer monitoriing, treatment and diagnosis.  A signficnatn portion of our work is geared towards imaging cancer at the microscopic level - using integrated circuits fused with biology. 


Find out more about our Care team, and the scientists behind our research.

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