Despite recent advancements in imaging and targeted therapeutics, oncologic outcomes remain poor because cure necessitates focused, targeted, cell-killing therapy delivered to ALL cancer cells, both those we can see, and those we can't.  Unfortunately microscopic disease (MD) cannot be seen by current imagers, and these cells often remain untreated and cause cancer to return.  Spatially identifying MD in real-time enables targeted, focal, curative therapy with modalities available today, such as CyberKnife.  

Our lab solves the problem of identifying microscopic cancer cells in your body by developing micro-fabricated implantable sensors using computer chip technology.  These devices, placed within the body,  exponentially increase sensitivity by being just microns from the tumor and provide in vivo detection in real-time, enabling computation and communication, and potential control over the tumor microenvironment, placing the physician and modern day therapeutic and diagnostic tools within the patient.

My focus is to provide state of the art care for our patients while pushing the forefront of patient care with new imaging technologies capable of imaging the tumor from within the body itself.

Intra-operative Imaging of Microscopic Disease in Breast and Prostate Cancer

Breast Cancer: Overview team
Prostate Cancer:  Overview Team 

Implantable Sensors for Cancer Monitoring


Real-time monitoring of tumor response


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